We’d like to thank the following companies for supporting Tango Sin Fin‘s events and activities all around the world:

Tango Sin Fin Ambassadors Around The World

We’d like to thank these prominent cultural organisers around the world who support and spread our actions on behalf of the common good and the development of Argentine music.

Heyni Solera (US)

Bandoneon player, Heyni completed a Bachelor of Music at Washington Advenstist University. Discovering the richness of tango music has led Heyni to research the contemporary scene of tango music in Buenos Aires and pursue her Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology at the University of Maryland.
Contact: hys4 (at)

Aparna Halpé (Canada)

Aparna Halpé (LGSM) is a tango violinist and organizer from Toronto, Canada. She is the founder of Orquesta Solidaridad Tango, an all-woman, diversity-affirming tango orchestra dedicated to creating fair work and performance opportunities for women in tango. Solidaridad Tango's most recent project is supported by the Canada Council for the Arts/ Conseil des arts du Canada.

Contact: @solidaridadtango

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